Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Enough has been said by every damn Tom, Dick & Harry on CNN to Aaj Tak. I am getting really sick of all these analysts now. Five days down, and all we see is a handful of resignations and mourners. More I see is political agenda. Painful but true. So, I might as well say it and vent out:

1) There had to have been an insider in Mumbai, someone powerful, someone like Raj T himself (YES I SAID IT!) Remember, when he threatened Deshmukh that if he got arrested, Mumbai would burn. HUH? Co-incidence? Sure, when pigs fly!

2) All this coverage and attention is given to this incident because the "privileged" have been hurt now! WOW! Really? Why so much emphasis on CNN now? Yep this time it was some foreigners that got killed folks! So basically, Indian khoon is paani until firangi khoon flows. (YES I SAID IT!)

3) So looking back at history, US gets attacked on 9/11, they attack IRAQ back. Yep, US landed in the wrong part of the world to fight terrorism. Then again, history has shown that before..... Columbus was going to India... Pahunch gaya Amreeka! So my question to you all now is, should India attack too now? Same concept right? Hey perhaps we can drop a bomb somewhere else like Bangladesh and do a little 'Ooops! What say Bush? (YES I SAID IT!)

4) Agreed Manmohan Singh made a politically correct speech, but really is that needed at a time like this? In a time like this, India needs to join forces with all willing and invade! Was it to break the peace progress that had occurred between the two countries or was it to gain strength in certain political agendas just before the elections? Mr Modi, any suggestions? (YES I SAID IT!)

5) Air is secure, Waters will be secure, what next? Has anyone noticed the metro systems? No security! None what so ever. How do you secure those? You can't with such masses. So best bet, folks, let's all go and get these sons of you know whats out of the hills and smoke them. Torture them on national TV so that those un-captured watching would have second thoughts about their agenda. (YES I SAID IT!)

As vocal a vigilante can be, I will be. More to come….. And, yes I stand by what I say and say what I stand by. SUE ME!