Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Enough has been said by every damn Tom, Dick & Harry on CNN to Aaj Tak. I am getting really sick of all these analysts now. Five days down, and all we see is a handful of resignations and mourners. More I see is political agenda. Painful but true. So, I might as well say it and vent out:

1) There had to have been an insider in Mumbai, someone powerful, someone like Raj T himself (YES I SAID IT!) Remember, when he threatened Deshmukh that if he got arrested, Mumbai would burn. HUH? Co-incidence? Sure, when pigs fly!

2) All this coverage and attention is given to this incident because the "privileged" have been hurt now! WOW! Really? Why so much emphasis on CNN now? Yep this time it was some foreigners that got killed folks! So basically, Indian khoon is paani until firangi khoon flows. (YES I SAID IT!)

3) So looking back at history, US gets attacked on 9/11, they attack IRAQ back. Yep, US landed in the wrong part of the world to fight terrorism. Then again, history has shown that before..... Columbus was going to India... Pahunch gaya Amreeka! So my question to you all now is, should India attack too now? Same concept right? Hey perhaps we can drop a bomb somewhere else like Bangladesh and do a little 'Ooops! What say Bush? (YES I SAID IT!)

4) Agreed Manmohan Singh made a politically correct speech, but really is that needed at a time like this? In a time like this, India needs to join forces with all willing and invade! Was it to break the peace progress that had occurred between the two countries or was it to gain strength in certain political agendas just before the elections? Mr Modi, any suggestions? (YES I SAID IT!)

5) Air is secure, Waters will be secure, what next? Has anyone noticed the metro systems? No security! None what so ever. How do you secure those? You can't with such masses. So best bet, folks, let's all go and get these sons of you know whats out of the hills and smoke them. Torture them on national TV so that those un-captured watching would have second thoughts about their agenda. (YES I SAID IT!)

As vocal a vigilante can be, I will be. More to come….. And, yes I stand by what I say and say what I stand by. SUE ME!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blasts aftermath... after thought

Aham wrote a few days ago, "in india, we are entering a difficult phase. a phase where we are getting used to terror, getting used to pain... much that i am tension free. and have already written a letter and kept it in my cupboard locker... of what i wanted to do, and what i want my family to do in case i die.

So thats where we are. preparedness for combating terror. NO. Preparedness for death. YES"

I wasn't effected by the above statement until blasts happened in Delhi, call it selfish! But, when it's too often too close, is when most are effected. Same happened to me, previous ones in Jaipur. First thing I did was text messaged every one I knew to make sure they were OK. They are! Next, came the anger and all the questions.

I still don't understand what these people are demanding. Their issues, from what I read, are with the government policies, so why not change the policy by a policy in a true Democratic fashion? Their issues are with discrimination, but when is reverse discrimination a solution? Wouldn't that fuel the fire more pro discrimination? Their issues are with people that cause all the harm and then sit secure in their homes.

Instead, the common man takes a hit! Why take lives of innocent people, most of whom didn't have one say in the policy making or discrimination whatsoever? They are more worried about where their next meal is coming from, where they will live and how better can they support their parents and children. Aren't they? Am I missing something here?

In the name of religion, people do the worst crimes against one's own! If this is religion, then I proclaim to be an agnostic. I don't care how, I don't care who, but this preparedness to death needs to be stopped. Instead, preparedness to combat terror be instilled in everyone. I hate the idea of waking up every morning and looking at the news cringing, wondering where next? Human, as I am as others, I don't wish ill on my own or others, but ill needs to come to those that cause all this pain, once and for all to finish this chapter of terrorism. THE END.

Still confused, why and wondering how, I end this post, mostly angered!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My 9-11

Somewhere on the radio, I had heard that every baby boomer remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they had heard the news of the assassination of JFK. I didn't get it. Then came Sept 11, 2001. Post boomer-era we all remember where we were, don't we?

I was in Springfield, Virginia (a suburb of DC) I was to fly out that evening for Chicago, for a week's vacation with mom. Brother and sister-in-law were to fly out to Italy the following day. As, the news started to come in, sadness filled me. You could see the skies filled with dark smoke, from where Flight 77 had hit Pentagon. For tens of miles, traffic was at gridlock. Everyone was evacuating the city, most immobilized in their cars.

After a torturous hour and a half of drive home, news came in that all airports are shut down, all planes grounded. Ok, it made sense, but for one lonely soul that meant being stuck at home on vacation, NOT. It was like a upcoming jail sentence. Then, I decided to take matters in my own hands.

Mom and brother forbid me to drive down, I didn't know what to do. I kept wondering why the hell not? Why would someone hit one lonely car driving on I-80/90? But I gave up under pressure and that 'fear factor.' The WHAT-IF? Sitting at home that evening and all day next, I got more vindictive. I decided to call up Greyhound bus service and booked a ticket. I took a cab to a south DC and got on the bus at 6pm. I was told, I would change one bus and be in Chicago the next morning. Fair enough.

I sat in the first seat, beside an old lady. Gosh... she was traveling to Seattle from DC - a bus journey that would take her 5 days and 5 bus changes! I didn't feel so bad. Then came the long ride, somehow the bus was re-routed, and we were told to change another bus, to get to our next bus change. Just my gosh darn luck!

So, we were dropped off somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a bus depot. It was around 130am. The next bus would come at 4am - so we were told. There were at least six bus loads of passengers dropped here, only the first bus would come at 4. We waited in line, for what felt like eternity. Finally, I was able to get on the third bus, which came at 5:30. Oh did I tell you I was lugging the old lady's luggage along with mine(?) That bus took us to another unknown town.

Another line, another wait. This time, it was even harder since I had had no sleep, no food! I was high on coffee and adrenalin. The bus came, and everyone jumped like it was the end of the world. I failed. Next bus, I was a bit smarter, having watched what the predecessors had done. I played the "senior citizen" card with the old lady and jumped on with her. Idiots fell for it. She was Korean, I Indian...

The bus arrived in Chicago's greyhound station around 3:30pm, and after having put the old lady on her next adventure, I took a cab home. Home sweet home. It was a whole 22 hours worth and a life time's worth of adventure. Now the question arose, how the hell would I get back home? Planes were still grounded, I was not allowed to drive, still. Then came a brilliant idea.... I took the train home! Since I had suffered enough on the way to Chicago, I decided to treat myself to a first class cabin on an Amtrak train. It was awesome... I had my own bathroom, and mints on my pillows! Bathroom? Did I mention, you had to sit on the pot to take a shower? Yep that was a first :-D

That's what I recall, each year, every year since 2001. The day when Goon-LADEN ruined my vacation. On this day, anniversary of the 911 episode, I imagine what all the victims in the Twin Towers and Pentagon were going through... and how one little me had just one tiny episode with the public transport system. I survived, most of them didn't. In memory of those that fell, I wish their families the best.

P.S. Since then, never have I taken a bus or a train anywhere. Why you ask? Well, I am brown, I get a privileged treatment on Airports. 90% of the time, I get the "S" on my card. They call it random SECURITY check. I call it Racial Profiling! But the best part is, I never have to stand in those long security lines. Some of us have one line, open and clear just for us. ***Thanks Bin Laden!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Wednesday....TODAY!

Yes folks, A Wednesday... should be seen TODAY!  If you haven't seen it yet, take the day off from work, bunk a few classes, slack off on homely chores and go watch this movie.  It's a must must see film.  Remember that film of yesterdays, Aaj Tak Chappan?  Yes, its been that long since I saw a movie of that caliber..... This is it.

Naseer was absolutely perfect.  His no name (face only) character is so convincing that you feel it could be you in his place, or even that uncle that lives next door, quiet, unsuspecting!  The dialogues are intelligent, delivery brilliant.  I cannot remember direction so good, since who knows when.  The plot of the movie keeps you so engrossed in it, that you become a part of it.  Hats off to Neeraj Pandey's story telling ways, this director will go a long way in this industry.

Anupam Kher plays top cop flawlessly as well.  Even, Jimmy Shergill shows an iota of talent in his performance!  This movie is cinema at it's best.... I don't recall any movies similar to this storyline, yes folks this may be an original!  Worry not, you will not regret going to see this one.  Its money's worth, probably twice over.

Any comments anyone?  
P.S.  I fell asleep in Hijack in the first ten minutes, waste of money, waste of even time to write about it.  Don't bother!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rock On ... ROCK OFF!!!

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! So guys here is mine!

Rock On was NOT rocking for me at all. What is a rock-n-roll movie without good catchy music? Farhan DIDN'T look as luscious as NANGU Kapoor.. He was too stiff for my taste. All in all, this movie reminded me of a very poor adaptation of two movies combined, Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankaar Beats! Farhaan should stick to direction and leave the acting and singing for those that can't direct, aka Abhishek Kapoor (who ironically can't act either!)

As far as the rest of the cast, I agree with Ma'm De. Purab Kohli's adaptation of "I will survive," was worth it all. Luke was good as well... Bani (oh I mean Prachi) was giving me DIABETES! We all know what happens when Diabetes hits, right folks? YOU LOOSE YOUR TOES! Arjun was as uncomfortable looking as ever, no emotions, nothing, nada, zilch! I don't see what SRK et. al. see in him. Perhaps, the Diabetes (from his sweet/innocent looking character) has effected my eye-sight too!

Basically, movie was too long, actors that needed to act, couldn't and the ones who had tiny roles did the MAGIK, atleast for the box office (from what I read.)

Which reminds me... Any thoughts on Mumbai Meri Jaan, anyone?