Monday, September 15, 2008

Blasts aftermath... after thought

Aham wrote a few days ago, "in india, we are entering a difficult phase. a phase where we are getting used to terror, getting used to pain... much that i am tension free. and have already written a letter and kept it in my cupboard locker... of what i wanted to do, and what i want my family to do in case i die.

So thats where we are. preparedness for combating terror. NO. Preparedness for death. YES"

I wasn't effected by the above statement until blasts happened in Delhi, call it selfish! But, when it's too often too close, is when most are effected. Same happened to me, previous ones in Jaipur. First thing I did was text messaged every one I knew to make sure they were OK. They are! Next, came the anger and all the questions.

I still don't understand what these people are demanding. Their issues, from what I read, are with the government policies, so why not change the policy by a policy in a true Democratic fashion? Their issues are with discrimination, but when is reverse discrimination a solution? Wouldn't that fuel the fire more pro discrimination? Their issues are with people that cause all the harm and then sit secure in their homes.

Instead, the common man takes a hit! Why take lives of innocent people, most of whom didn't have one say in the policy making or discrimination whatsoever? They are more worried about where their next meal is coming from, where they will live and how better can they support their parents and children. Aren't they? Am I missing something here?

In the name of religion, people do the worst crimes against one's own! If this is religion, then I proclaim to be an agnostic. I don't care how, I don't care who, but this preparedness to death needs to be stopped. Instead, preparedness to combat terror be instilled in everyone. I hate the idea of waking up every morning and looking at the news cringing, wondering where next? Human, as I am as others, I don't wish ill on my own or others, but ill needs to come to those that cause all this pain, once and for all to finish this chapter of terrorism. THE END.

Still confused, why and wondering how, I end this post, mostly angered!


HOBO said...

God is watching ?

*Aham* said...

thanks for the mention. :-) selfish, we all are, even those who are selfless are selfishly selfless.

Renu said...

Now it is the turn of citizens to watch:)

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

@hobo - I sure hope so! Seems like all this happens when he naps, else he would not let it happen, right?

@*Aham - As always, you inspire me! Oh Lisa will be OK - She will get well sooner than you think!

@Renu - Agreed, and if there is a god, then he can help!

Pinku said...

they are angry people who have chosen the wrong way to vent their anger. you and me are angry people who have done nothing about that anger.

Its time we did something. its time we took responsibility in our own hands.

Its time we stood up for each other and got ourselves counted. Its time some of us left our jobs and took up politics, its time the rest of us treated poll day as not just a sudden holiday but a day of sacred duty.

sm said...


nice blog, they are just frustred people who need love and doctors help.

see u later